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E-Chopper M8S

E-Chopper M8S

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An electric scooter has many advantages over conventional scooters. It produces significantly less noise and exhaust fumes and is therefore more environmentally friendly than conventional scooters. In addition, the maintenance effort, operating costs and wear and tear are significantly cheaper.
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Our electric scooters are delivered pre-assembled, so only the handlebars and various small parts have to be assembled. We also ensure that our products are delivered in perfect condition. With our electric scooters, for example, we rely on safe individual shipment on disposable pallets to protect the vehicle against pressure and puncture forces.


All of our electric scooters meet all safety requirements and are available with Swiss road approval on request and can be driven from the age of 14 with a category M driver's license. Our 45 km/h models require a license plate in Switzerland and can be redeemed without any problems.

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The electric motor has sustained power, large stall torque and reliable operation. Immediate acceleration thanks to the electric wheel hub motor up to 45 km/h and 20° incline, the e-chopper travels with ease. Reach a range of up to 70-110km with a top speed of up to 45km/h on a single charge.