Even if our prices are calculated tough and we think that we can solve most problems without return shipping, we won't let you down.

As a customer, you have a 12-month warranty starting with the delivery date of the electric vehicle of your choice.


1. The warranty extends to all original parts against defects in workmanship and materials (e.g. if the products do not correspond to the product description in the user manual or the advertising for the product).

2. The warranty applies to original owners only and is not transferable.

3. During the warranty period, we will replace or repair the goods which have a defect. If replacement or repair is excessive or impossible, or if delivery within a reasonable time is impossible, you have the right to request a price reduction.

4. A special status of the warranty arises for wearing parts. Wearing parts are not covered by the warranty if they have "worn" through use. An example: The e-chopper was delivered to the customer without any defects. Within the first 6 months, for example, the rim brakes are heavily used, so that the brake pads are worn down and have to be replaced. In this case, the brakes are not covered by the warranty as this represents normal wear and tear from use of the bike.

In particular, the following parts are considered wear parts:

Batteries, brake discs, brake pads, bushings, seals and bearings in chassis parts (fork, damper), rims (for rim brakes), grips, bottom bracket, chain, chainrings, bearing sets for full-suspension frames, hub bearings, tires, sprockets, headset, cables, saddle, retractable seat posts.

5. The warranty is void if the mobility device has been used other than for the intended purpose, has been inadequately maintained, improperly repaired, rebuilt or modified.

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